Raissa Recommends

Monday, January 26, 2009

Raissa Recommends - Week of Jan. 26th

Hi Friends:
Well, of course I'm going to recommend our newest BROADWAY JAZZ ON BROADWAY first! I'm very excited about my guests: Ann Harada, Rosemary Loar, Kirby Ward and Chip Zein. I can honestly say, that "things" will happen on the stage of the Iridium that I don't think have ever happened there before. (...hmmm....what DOES she mean?) Guess you'll find out if you come see us at the Iridium (http://www.iridiumjazzclub.com/) this Tuesday night - 2 sets, 8 and 10 pm. Pay one cover and stay for both sets, just meet the minimum again. Discount available for MAC, Cabaret Hotline and Cabaret Exchange.
You've got one more chance to catch Eric Michael Gillett's show, BEST OF MY LOVE at the Metropolitan Room, Monday night, 1/26 at 7 pm. Call 212-206-0440 to reserve. You owe it to yourself to go!
I keep thinking that things will slow down a bit and I can spend more time at home, but then,I've been hearing that from everyone. Last week I began filming my part in THE THIRD TESTAMENT, an exciting SAG Indie Film from Magdaline Pictures. I also had the pleasure of helping the producer cast some talented folks in this film, such as: Eric Michael Gillett, Tim Jerome, John Koprowski, Dan Arenovski, Candy Benge and (a little nepotism here) the very attractive Dr. Garrett Bennett. We wrap up winter footage this week, and then will shoot more in the spring. I'll let you know when it's released!
Sunday night, the lovely Sue Matsuki did a fantastic job co-hosting "January Jazzathon" at the Algonquin Salon. "Gonkette" Maureen Taylor (who you can catch at the Metropolitan Room for one more show on 1/31) was on hand to keep things running smoothly for Mark Janas and Peter Napolitano. The Salon has grown to such proportions, that we had to add in our own "Vanna Whites" to keep things on track - hence, our "Gonkettes": Maureen, Tanya Moberly, and Bobbie Horowitz! The Salon is held every Sunday night from 7 to 10 pm in the lobby of the Algonquin Hotel, 44th between 5th and 6th. There is no cover and no minimum, and if you are going to perform a song, spoken word, instrumental, whatever, be sure to see a "Gonkette" or the co-host when you arrive, fill out a card and get put into the talented mix. You can sign up for the newsletter to be sure to get all pertinent information by writing to algonquinsalon@aol.com and asking to be put on the list. Every now and then, we have a time change, and you'll be sure to know, if you go to this list.
The songs of Hector Coris are being featured this week at Jenn Wrenn and Bill Zeffiro's BIG NIGHT OUT on Thursday, 1/29, in their new home, The Reprise Room at Dillons - 254 West 54th Street. Open mic is from 9 to 10, and then the composer's show starts at 10. I'll be doing one of my favorite Coris songs, "Chelsea Boy".
So, since I'm performing two nights this week, I won't get to see any other shows. I recommend you check out http://www.cabaretexchange.com/, http://www.cabarethotlineonline.com/ and http://www.cabaretscenes.org/ to see who is playing where, and go see a show!
Love and light,