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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wasn't Takin' a Chance - Jenna's a sure thing!

Tuesday, Oct. 7th was such a busy day. First, we met with CIBO, our sponsor for the Tudor City Greens Concert series. They agreed to keep up their sponsorship and even offered a dinner for two to add into our free raffle! They were thrilled with our first line up of talent, and are excited to see this months performers on 10/22 at noon.

Then 4 of us from Tudor City, headed to the Metropolitan Room to see Jenna Esposito in her show, "Takin' A Chance On Love". They had seen Jenna in the Tudor City Greens concert, and wanted to see more. As my blog title says, we weren't takin' any chance - Jenna was terriffic. Backed up by a combo that included her musical director/guitarist dad, Fortune Esposito, Jenna "sparkled" through a fantastic set of old favorites and standards, with a fresh twist of arrangements, and a stunning soprano/mix voice. Jenna is our new favorite "girl singer"! You better call for reservations at 212-206-0440 right now, to catch her last show on Sunday night, Oct. 12th at 7 pm.

We were home in time for the debates, but after such a positive show from Jenna, I couldn't stomach the negative rhetoric, and I headed off to the Iridium to catch Mary Foster Conklin at 10:30 pm. I'm usually in bed by then, and as exhausted as I was, within minutes of Mary taking the stage, I didn't want to be anywhere else. Her smoky contralto wove it's way around a versatile set that included delightlfully obscure to well known jazz, and number that I believe was written by Clifford Odetts. I wish I had thought to get the titles from her, because another favorite that night had lyrics with "cinnamon and clove" in it, and I just loved it. I guess you'll just have to catch her yourself and see if she'll sing it for you. Mary is being featured in our next Tudor City Greens concert at noon on 10/22, so come and ask her it!

Not a bad way to spend a day, right? Great lunch at CIBO, a sweet soprano and a sultry contralto. We didn't even need a dessert topping....

Love and Light,